Terry Lancaster – Get Ya Some!

Welcome back to another episode!

During this session, we talk to Terry Lancaster, host of the-get-ya-some-radio-show and 35-year automotive industry veteran about the industry and how to get more wins in the landscape of today.

Lot’s of good take-aways from this session for me personally and I think you will find the same, so be ready to take down some notes on this deal!

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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/terryllancaster/

Email: t@terrylancaster.com

Website: http://terrylancaster.com/

Website: http://automotiveadvertisingideas.com/

Mobile: 615-212-9228

Twitter: https://twitter.com/terrylancaster

Podcast: http://terrylancaster.com/the-get-ya-some-radio-show/

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