Sud Bhatija : Video AI vs Video Surveillance

There are so many changes in the automotive industry; underpinning those changes seems to be the ability to harness data.

From your video footage to call recording to the customer profiles in your CRM and DMS, your data house is flowing with the data capable of supporting just about any metric you could imagine. Yet our ability to efficiently access and harness that data presents a real and immediate concern within the automotive space. As our industry rapidly shifts, we are increasingly at risk to the outside forces anxious for that same access. So how do we take advantage of the information at our fingertips? This week on the Dealer Talk Podcast, we have the distinct pleasure of discussing this topic with Spot.ai cofounder Sud Bahtija.

Sud and spot.ai aim to take data to the next level with video intelligent software designed for the automotive space. We record hours and hours of footage every day yet cannot properly implement that information for use at a store level.

Join the conversation and listen as Sud explains the power behind knowing what’s really going on in your dealership.

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