Sean Kelley – FB Live Session – The Power of Effective Coaching

Welcome back to another session of the Dealer Talk Podcast!

In this session, we have a conversation with our resident guest, Sean Kelley #thecarbizcoach, about coaching. It’s crazy that Sean has been with us for every season of the podcast, and we have not covered coaching at length. There are a lot of insights in this episode that truly speak to one of the most critical areas we face in our industry, which is that of acquiring knowledge and skills that will allow us to become true professionals.

I am excited to cover this topic because I have had the pleasure of being coached by this amazing individual, so I know firsthand the impact. More importantly, I believe that in order for us to grow in any capacity, we need to have the knowledge and skills that we don’t possess. That is what coaching can provide.

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Here is how you can connect with Sean:
LinkedIn:  linkedin.com/in/sean-kelley-thecarbizcoach
Mobile: 314.323.8234
Email: sean@carmotivators.com
twitter: Thecarbizcoach
Special Coaching Offer for the Dealer Talk listeners https://carmotivators.typeform.com/to/YyfrpQ?fbclid=IwAR2mbrx64K4NLeDHR43mjkPIsKKV-bDLyTH_WK718j3W4aoNOcFoYngXotU for Sean’s new coaching program! 

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