René Johnson – Tapping Into Your Personal Power to Generate Incredible Results!

Join Erik and Herb on this VALUE packed conversation with the Power Zone Coach! René is the author of Leaving Your Comfort Zone and CEO of Power Zone Coaching, which empowers business professionals and entrepreneurs to breakthrough to their “inner” leader and activate the magic in their Power Zones so they can achieve their business targets and make a greater difference in the world through their influence. Since René can remember, she felt called to a larger life purpose – the calling she now claims as an inspired leader and gifted empowerment coach.

This episode brings a unique perspective on how you can achieve incredible results by connecting with your inner leader to get to the next level! As René points out leadership is a choice and once you make that choice you will impact your attitude which will impact your results!

Make sure to tune in to this amazing conversation and discover what is possible for you!

Don’t forget to checkout the FREE assessment referenced in the show. You can do so here: www.plugyourpowerleaks.com

For a copy of Rene’s book go here: www.leavingyourcomfortzone.com

Here is how you can connect with René:
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/renesjohnson
Website: powerzonecoach.com
Facebook: facebook.com/powerzonecoach/
Phone: 602-875-8373
Email: rene@powerzonecoach.com
Twitter: pzcoach

Also, a quick shout out to Arthur Castillo, Anna Young, and Rudy T! Thank you for all the support.

As mentioned in the episode reach out to Erik and Herb on LinkedIn (for the time being) with all your questions so that they can bring them up to the guest for further discussion!

We would love to get you, the listeners, more involved and help get practical advise that you can implement in your day to day!

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Thank you for tuning in and as usual we will TALK later…

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