Owen Moon: Video for Fixed Ops

Welcome back to another episode of the Dealer Talk Podcast (S6E2)! This week, returning to the studio, we have Owen Moon, co-founder of Fixed-Op’s Digital. Owen shares some top insights for the dealer service departments during these unprecedented times!

I, personally, am excited about Owen’s fixed ops video solutions. It’s time we give more personality to the service side of the business, and Owen has some great ideas.

Time Highlights:

7:04 Biggest impact dealers faced on the fixed ops side during COVID

14:00 The disproportionate balance between marketing efforts for sales and service

21:00 Video marketing strategy for fixed ops

32:00 Traditional marketing place for fixed ops in today’s landscape

36:00 Getting your customer base to schedule more appointments

40:00 Text marketing for the service side of the business

45:00 Next five years

How to connect with Owen:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/owen-moon/

Website: FixedOpsDigital.com

Email: owenmoon44@outlook.com

Mobile: 605.376.0195

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Thank you for tuning in, and as usual, we will TALK later!

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