NIADA: Certified Pre-Owned with Jeremy Beck

“You can go back over all the different economic downturns and challenges that we’ve had, yet auto dealers always find a way to survive and come out smelling like roses right because of the innovators the entrepreneurs.” -Jeremy Beck

Beck is an automotive executive with 25 years of industry experience. His resume includes roles with rural, small-town dealerships with BHPH operations to working with some of the largest automotive dealer groups in the country. Beck also spent 10 years working for F&I providers in streamlining their dealer support, training and development, process and procedures, and go-to-market strategy. Most recently, he was the Vice President of Sales and Field Operations for one of the largest F&I product providers servicing the independent dealer community.

Since joining NIADA, he’s worked to develop and implement a strategy for Dealer Education, 20 Groups, Research, and Industry Insights and Events.

Independent dealers are the backbone of our industry, says Beck. They drive volume, growth, and innovation, and adapt to ever-changing landscapes better than any other part of our industry. I’m excited to join the executive team at NIADA and help provide our members an association that is dedicated to their future. NIADA’s mission of Meet, Learn, Profit, and Grow are aspects to which I have dedicated my entire career.


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