Mat Koenig – Rockstar Events

Join Erik and myself as we sit down with one of the Founders of the Rockstar Events formally known as the Rockstar Auto Conference. Mat Koenig , author, key note speaker, and founder sits down with us to talk about the history of their unique event and the evolution of it.  

Mat is a veteran of the industry with over 20 years in the BIZ and  a very impressive background and trajectory working with some of the bigger names in the industry including Edmunds and Cars.com and having retail hands on experience from sales to management as well as training and development within the Dealer. 

I personally had a great experience at the event because I liked what it was all about and that was bringing VALUE to the industry. The format of the show was one that was easy and digestible which often times is not the case when there are multiple speakers on multiple stages. The set up at Rockstar Event allows the opportunity to consume the information from all the speakers and its done in a way that is high impact and EXTREMELY engaging! 

Make sure to check this episode out for some insights on the event and also on the industry, lost of value on this episode so make sure to take some notes and share this episode with a friend that can benefit from the information! 

Here is some additional information on the event and also how you can connect with Mat 

Here is how you can get in touch with Mat 
LinkedIn:  linkedin.com/in/matkoenig 
Websites:    rockstarautoconference.com
Mobile:    269.358.8844 
Email:    mat@rockstarautoconference.com 
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