Dave Foy – Fixed Op’s; The Service Department of the Future

Welcome back to another episode of the Dealer Talk podcast! 

In today’s session, we look at the future of fixed ops. We are going to be breaking down new technologies and really contemplating the questions “where are we going?” and “what does the future look like for this part of the dealership?” 

There is no question that fixed Op’s is going through a much-needed attention boost when it comes to being a profit center for your store, and our guest is on a mission to educate us all on the power that the service department has and what it can do for long-term success! 

Make sure to check this episode out for an incredible perspective. Please, if you liked this episode, be sure to share it so that other people that can benefit from the information and implement it in their day-to-day! 

Here is how you can connect with Dave: 
LinkedIn:  linkedin.com/in/davidfoy 
Phone: 774-696-4239 
Email: davefoy1969@gmail.com 
Website: Dave@TrustMyWork.com 

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Thank you for tuning in and as usual, we will TALK later!

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