ASOTU: Creating a Unified Industry

The entrepreneurial spirit of the automotive industry is the unifying force needed to stay ahead in these unpredictable times. We can’t think of a better way to dive into such a pressing topic than with Kyle Mountsier and Paul J. Daly of The Automotive State of the Union

Kyle has been in the automotive industry since 2009. His unique ability to connect people and processes makes him a trusted advisor among Dealer principals, GMs, marketing directors, and auto industry vendors. Through his work as Partner and COO at ASOTU, Founder at Auto Genius, and Co-Founder at Contagious Auto, he has taught thousands through workshops and keynotes at national automotive conferences.

Paul has been a part of the automotive industry for 20 years. From selling his first startup to writing his NADA Dealer Academy trusted book “The Automotive Manifesto,” his career displays a commitment to the industry that borders obsession.

Join us for our Season 7 Premier and help us welcome Charity Ann as our new co-host. We are excited to share some changes this season, including our affiliate partner program.

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00:00 Episode intro

4:35 What’s going on in the industry

7:52 The rhetoric that got us to buy-in

16:27 ASOTU is in the house

30:50 Creating a Unified Industry

40:40 The Entrepreneurial nature of Auto-Dealers

58:50 Ad dollars are a tax on your brand

1:10:40 Next five years





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