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One of the prevailing trends we at DTVMS are noticing is that website activity remains strong despite the economic tumult and ongoing supply chain issues. Yet, as we have discussed in the past, it is not about the amount of traffic coming to your site. The true potential lies in utilizing strong sandtraps to convert that traffic into actionable information.

Now we know the statistic: only 26% of customers submit a lead before going to the dealership.

The reason for this is two-fold:

  1. Inadequate Value-Ad

At DTVMS we believe that customers hesitate to provide information because there isn’t an adequate incentive to do so. In a world full of requests for an email address and phone number, we must create motivating reasons for potential customers to provide their contact information.

  1. Aggressive Sales Tactics

As an industry, we have trained customers to expect to be accosted if they dare provide their information. We teach our teams to call fast and often and don’t let up until the customer answers or opts out. This creates a scenario where we are inhibiting the pursuit of the very thing we want—low funnel, high, quality customer information.

The suite of services offered by RunMyLease is shown to increase the motivation to complete calls to action on your site.

Some examples of how this has been implemented:

“Unlock Managers Special Price” CTA offers a small discount.

“Unlock Manager Gift” CTA offers an oil change discount.

By incentivizing users to provide their information, we at DTVMS have seen a significant increase in lead generation with RunMyLease. Even better, however, the user must verify their preferred method of contact with a 4-digit code, ensuring that the information you receive is accurate and valuable. That is why we have partnered with RunMyLease.

The other thing that RunMyLease has done well is allowing dealers to exclude themselves from the lead count. Typically, internal usage at the dealership can generate dirty leads that must be consistently purged from the system. With their cutting-edge mindset, RunMyLease has created the ability to offer a one-time experience for customers over 30 days (or shorter if you prefer) that excludes dealership personnel.

There is no question that any advantage we can capitalize on to win more during these times is something we should be exploring. RunMyLease offers that advantage. In stores, I have seen implementing the RunMyLease solution a significant increase in lead generation and conversion.

DTVMS does not take their partnerships lightly. We hesitate to make any recommendations of companies that we have not personally vetted and found to be a trusted advisor that delivers upon a value above and beyond the initial offer. We have worked closely with the founder of RunMyLease—Jared Neves—on numerous occasions and find him and his team, to be dedicated, hardworking, trustworthy professionals that care about dealership success. They are flexible enough to adjust their solutions to fit the diversity of the automotive industry.

If one of our objectives is to identify in-market shoppers and bring them to our site—the land of no competitors—then another part of that strategy should be what to do with them once they are ready to offer their information. We need to identify their level of interest and quickly make value-added contact with that customer. From small independent to large, franchised groups, we at DTVMS are confident that you will not be disappointed in RunMyLease. Click here to start your free 60-day trial with Jared and his team.

Herb Anderson/Charity Ann

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